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Remus PS Duplex Exhaust - BMW 316i/318i/318Ci (e46) - not cabrio - 2 tips oval 142x72mm

Remus PS Duplex Exhaust - BMW 316i/318i/318Ci (e46) - not cabrio - 2 tips oval 142x72mm
Part#: 086101-199-0010-14M

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Remus PS Duplex Exhaust - BMW 316i/318i/318Ci (e46) - not cabrio - 2 tips oval 142x72mm

A Remus Sports Label exhaust is the perfect complement to your BMW, offering great sound at an attractive price. They are easy to install using factory mounting points, and are made of 100% high-quality stainless steel.

  • Extensive processing - made from stainless steel inside and outside.
  • Performance increase, by means of up to 80% reduced back pressure.
  • EC-approved.
  • 3-year unlimited mileage warranty.
  • Stainless steel tips, highly polished and chromed.
  • Installed using factory mounting points.
  • Customized and specifically designed for your BMW model.

PowerSound (PS): - only available on Remus exhausts that have "PS" in their name
Incorporates a mechanical valve control system which changes the exhaust sound and the back pressure. Adjustable "on the fly," without dismantling the exhaust. You can change the sound from a sporty sonorous sound to a real deep aggressive racing sound.

Duplex: - only available on Remus exhausts that have "Duplex" in their name
Incorporates an additional side pipe that extends out of the side of the muffler, "converting" the exhaust into a functioning left and right sided exhaust unit. One side has a muffler and the other has and additional tip or set of tips. A Remus Duplex exhaust provides BMW owners with an easy to install, aggressive side-by-side tip outlet look.


  • World's largest manufacturer of aftermarket Automobile Sport Exhausts.
  • Made in Austria
  • ISO 9001 and TÜV approved, OEM supplier to BMW, Mercedes, AMG, Porsche and Ducati.
  • Access to offical BMW, Mercedes, AMG, Porsche and Ducati factory CAD files for fully automated quick and accurate fitment.
  • Back-pressure calculations, power and sound testing in a highly sophisticated Audio Dyno Test Cell.
  • Dyno results as a supplier to BMW, Mercedes, AMG, Porsche and Ducati must be accurate.
  • Dyno results are "bolt-on" only, without any complementary modifications.
  • Robotic MIG and/or TIG welds that are thicker and stronger. Since moving into automated robotic welding, weld failures are a thing of the past.
  • An appealing appearance that doesn't scream to the authorities, "Hey look at me, I'm a Race System," but indeed, performs like one.
  • Full stainless-steel construction (304 grade for the bodies and piping, and 441 grade for the tips).
  • Deep, rich and throaty "Remus Sound" from all systems, allowing the power and efficiency to be released.
  • Horsepower increases equal efficiency increases, so fuel mileage enhancements can be experienced as well.
  • 3-year unlimited mileage warranty.
Remus Company Overview:
The Remus world headquarters is located in the beautiful Styrian area of Austria in the town of Barnbach. Remus was founded in 1990 with a commitment to leadership in the market, technological innovation, and supplying the best quality performance exhaust products. Today, those efforts have earned Remus the position of being one of the best, and one of the largest sport exhaust manufacturers in the world.

Look for the Remus logo on the world’s top racecars in the World Rally Championship, Deutsch Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), Formula 3000, Formula 3 and V8 Star. Formula One World Champion Jacques Villeneuve and DTM and FIA GT World Champion Karl Wendlinger are also a big part of the Remus Racing family. Remus is proud to be a part of the many Remus accomplishments and heritage.

It is no wonder the wolf became the Remus trademark. It symbolizes power, intelligence, and sporting prowess. With these virtues Remus started and continues its story of success. In 1990, Remus was founded with ten employees. Only five years later with 300 employees, this up and coming company is number one amongst its competitors. Today Remus operates internationally in over 50 countries and employs more than 700 highly qualified experts in many different areas. Even though size connot be taken as a yardstick for success, you can nevertheless say that the development of Remus is due to their team spirit of enterprise and ambition.

In the future Remus innovation will be the essence of combining the pleasure of driving and the fascination of racing. Research and development will continue to be a major part of their philosophy, benefiting directly are the Remus products in the market place. Major surveys have informed Remus that the most significant factors for exhaust systems are the optimal combination between sound, performance, and design. Remus' worldwide success confirms that Remus products offer the perfect balance of these important elements. It is their goal to continue manufacturing sport exhausts that customers know are the leaders in the industry.

Remus Technology:
Remus' research & development center makes it possible to test and evaluate all technical factors associated with exhaust systems, under the most varied conditions.

After the design and 3D construction of exhausts and tools on the latest computer equipment, the first functional prototypes are built. These are afterwards tested, and the measured values are compared with the calculated values. The first prototypes can be tested without the presence of a vehicle, both with regard to characteristic values of acoustics and exhaust back pressure, on a test stand especially developed for this purpose. The resulting data serves to optimise noise behaviour.

The centerpiece of the new research & development facility is the acoustic roller-type test stand, with a clear room volume of 800m3, on which travelling conditions of cars and motorcycles can be simulated. A so-called semi-anechoic field, necessary for conclusive acoustic measurements, is available for the reproduction of actual environmental on-road vehicle conditions.

In addition, a test stand for vibration is available. Further, Remus has its own heated pass-by test section for measuring noise emitted from accelerating road vehicles (according to DIN ISO 362 or guidelines 70/157/EWG and 97/24/EG). Finally, an actual on-road product test is performed by means of mobile test equipment.

Remus PS Duplex Exhaust - BMW 316i/318i/318Ci (e46) - not cabrio - 2 tips oval 142x72mm

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