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Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushings with Housings for the BMW 3-series (e30) - Offset

Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushings with Housings for the BMW 3-series (e30) - Offset
Part#: PFF5-303HA

List Price: $149.99

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Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushings with Housings for the BMW 3-series (e30) - Offset

Your order includes the required bushing(s) for this specific location. We sell Powerflex bushings that are installed in your BMW's other suspension components, so please browse our other Powerflex product listings, to upgrade your other bushings.

Powerflex polyurethane bushings are designed to decrease the amount of deflection in your BMW's suspension for better handling, driver feedback, and tire wear. Powerflex uses premium polyurethane materials for minimal NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness), and for increased longevity compared with the stock rubber bushings. The quality of Powerflex products can be seen the moment you open the box: premium polyurethane, detailed moldings, lubrication holding grooves and knurls, and 304 stainless sleeves. Each Powerflex bushing kit is supplied with a copper-based grease, for extended squeak-free operation.

Location of Powerflex Bushings on the BMW 3-series (e30) (refer to diagram below):

  • 1 - Front Lower Wishbone Rear (CENTERED) - PFF5-301
  • 1 - Front Lower Wishbone Rear (OFFSET) - PFF5-303
  • 2 - Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting - 19mm - PFF5-302-19
  • 2 - Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting - 22mm - PFF5-302-22
  • 2 - Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting - 24mm - PFF5-302-24
  • 4 - Rear Beam Mounting (Purple - Street) - PFR5-305
  • 4 - Rear Beam Mounting (Black - Race) - PFR5-305B
  • 6 - Rear Roll Bar Mounting - 12mm - PFR5-308-12 x2
  • 6 - Rear Roll Bar Mounting - 14mm - PFR5-308-14 x2
  • 6 - Rear Roll Bar Mounting - 16mm - PFR5-308-16 x2
  • 6 - Rear Roll Bar Mounting - 18mm - PFR5-308-18 x2
  • 5 - Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (Purple - Street) - PFR5-306
  • 5 - Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (Black - Race) - PFR5-306B
  • 7 - Rear Differential Mount (Yellow - Street) - PFR5-300
  • 7 - Rear Differential Mount (Black - Race) - PFR5-300B
  • 6 - Rear Roll Bar Mounting - 19mm - PFR5-308-19
  • 2 - Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting - 20mm - PFF5-302-20
  • 1 - Front Lower Wishbone Rear (CENTERED), Pre-Pres - PFF5-301 w/ Housings
  • 1 - Front Lower Wishbone Rear (OFFSET), Pre-press - PFF5-303 w/ Housings

Powerflex bushings are not sold as a complete kit that replaces all of the bushings in your BMW model. Rather, you can select the specific location that you would like to upgrade. The reason for this, is that a car's bushings and mounts wear out at different rates making a "complete-kit" bushing set unnecessary for many BMW owners. Replacing only the "weak links" in your BMW's suspension is a great way to tighten handling without stressing the budget. Bushings come in pre-determined durometers (measured hardness), engineered to reduce bushing deflection while keeping NVH to an absolute minimum. Some of the Powerflex bushings are offered in both regular and an optional stiffer durometer material, for an even higher level of performance and feedback.

Powerflex copper-based grease is supplied with every bushing kit. We suggest using only a copper-based grease for lubrication. Due to grooves and knurls cast into the urethane material to hold the lubricant, bushings will rarely need to be lubricated again. We do not suggest using an "anti-seize" product for lubrication.

Lifetime Warranty:
Powerflex offers a Lifetime Warranty on its entire range of parts. This Warranty applies to the original purchaser, with the following conditions:

  • That in the event of an issue you contact Powerflex directly and provide as much information as possible to enable them to help you. This will involve giving them details of the installation and any changes made to the car, photos of failed parts and the installation.
  • That the warranty is limited to the replacement of suspension bushings supplied and shipping charges.
  • There is no warranty cover for consequential part failure or labor for part fitment.

Powerflex offer a lifetime warranty because of the confidence that they have both in our products and also in the way that they have handled any warranty issues in the past. Powerflex has never had a time-period based warranty policy because they have always treated issues that customers have had as an opportunity to learn. Where a problem has occurred due to incorrect fitting, Powerflex have always asked themselves if the reason for the error was due to poor fitting instructions.

When they have had a part failure they have tried to understand if the part was being used outside of its design parameters, perhaps on a race car running slick tires. In cases like this, they considered whether they should offer a specific motorsport compound. Like all manufacturers, they have had the occasional material quality issue and in these cases they have always replaced parts without question. So now they have decided to formalize their open and honest policy and boast about it!

Powerflex will replace any Powerflex product that any customer in the world is unhappy with for any reason. What they ask in return is that anyone wanting replacement parts contact them directly and that they send them as much information as possible, which will help us determine the reason for a problem.

Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushings with Housings for the BMW 3-series (e30) - Offset

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