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ESS TS2 Twin Screw Supercharger - BMW Z4 3.0i M54 (e85/e86) - M54B30 - Stage 2

ESS TS2 Twin Screw Supercharger - BMW Z4 3.0i M54 (e85/e86) - M54B30 - Stage 2
Part#: ES-SC-115-12D

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ESS TS2 Twin Screw Supercharger - BMW Z4 3.0i M54 (e85/e86) - M54B30 - Stage 2

The ESS M54B30 TS2 series system is equipped with a Lysholm Twin Screw supercharger which has several advantages over the centrifugal compressors used in earlier ESS M52TU/M54 systems. It creates a higher boost-pressure at lower engine rpm, thus significantly increasing bottom and mid range torque. Lag time during shifts and on-off throttling are reduced to a minimum and the throttle response is incredible. The twin screw principle is also highly energy efficient, which contributes to the extreme power and torque output of the ESS TS Series systems. The patented liquid intercooling system consists of 3X500mm Laminova cores integrated into a high strength cast aluminium ESS intake manifold system covering all 6 cylinders resulting in flow-matched air distribution and optimal cylinder balance along with ultra-efficient cooling capacity for up to 550HP.

The liquid intercooler coolant is pumped via a high capacity marine-grade circulation pump through a high capacity front mount heat exchanger. The system also utilizes a throttle body type butterfly air bypass valve to reduce SC parasitic drag and increase fuel economy during cruising conditions. The entire ESS TS system consumes less than 2hp during cruising and it is very energy efficient.The overall system efficiency, torque delivery, power production, cooling capacity, and room for higher power stages is considerably higher than that of any competitor. The Twin Screw supercharger is the only product on the market today to combine both a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque and highly efficient top-end horsepower output. Also emission levels at high speed and boost are lower than with other turbo and supercharging systems.

The redesigned ESS MS43/45 engine control software is perfectly calibrated for the TS supercharged engine providing optimum ignition timing under all conditions, recalibrated EGas for quicker throttle response, recalibrated VANOS control and perfectly optimized fuel delivery supplied by 6 larger Bosch fuel injectors also included with the kit. The software also features a 6800RPM rev limit and removed top speed governor. Power development is 100% smooth and the car behaves just like stock until you demand raw power. Then, the car completely transforms, providing brutal acceleration normally reserved for big displacement performance cars.The system maintains all OBD-II functions and it is backed by a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty program. The system installs in 8-10 hours using normal hand tools and no irreversible modifications to the car is necessary.

System components:

  • Custom ESS Spec Lysholm 1.6L Twin Screw supercharger unit.
  • High strength, dual-layer cast aluminum alloy ESS intake manifold with integrated high capacity Laminova based liquid intercooling system.
  • Uni-belt SC drive system with additional OEM quality idler pulleys.
  • 6 larger Bosch fuel injectors.
  • Throttle body style butterfly bypass system for superior fuel economy during cruising and optimal throttle response under all conditions.
  • Perfectly optimized, dyno tweaked MS43/MS45 ECU software.
  • CNC hard anodized brackets and hardware.
  • Cast aluminium SC intake system with crankcase fume reduction system designed for boost.
  • High temperature, custom made silicone hoses with clamps
  • Detailed, step-by-step installation manual
  • Heavy-Duty drive belt.
  • All required installation hardware included
  • 2yr./unlimited mileage warranty.

ESS TS Series superchargers gives you the best of both worlds with instant boost, true industry-leading torque AND throttle response, while the ultra high efficiency of the twin-screw gives you maximum top end power. The TS2 is fully upgradeable to TS3.ESS TS Series superchargers with it's Lysholm supercharger technology and CAD designed intake runners creates boost the instant the throttle is touched usually reaching full boost by ~2200 rpm – long before a centrifugal supercharger commonly even creates 1psi of boost, resulting in breathtaking low-mid range acceleration and it also removes the need to rev the engine high to get good acceleration. On automatic cars the boost is reduced to 7PSI due to transmission restrictions. Correction factor for drivetrain loss is 15% above RWHP as seen in dynograph (RWHP/0.85).

  • Part number: 115-12
  • Boost pressure: 8 PSI
  • Horsepower: 345 SAE/350 DIN Manual, 335 SAE/340 DIN Auto, (ZHP vehicles +10HP)
  • Torque: 317 lb-ft/430 Nm Manual, 302 lb-ft/410 Nm Auto
  • Installation time: 8-10 hours.

    ESS - European Supercharging Systems:
    ESS was founded 1995 in Aremark, Norway. The company started out with a yearly production of 30 SC systems, in 2004 total production passed 1000 SC systems making ESS the largest BMW supercharger system manufacturer in the world. From 2000, they started offering a constantly growing chip tuning selection for many European models based on their extensive expertise with Bosch and Siemens engine control systems.

    Their goal when developing a new tuning product is to enhance the performance characteristics of the car without compromising comfort, driveability, durability, emissions and fuel consumption under normal driving conditions. When you purchase an ESS product you can rest assured you get a completely tested product that is proven to perform to specification under all conditions. ESS products are engineered and manufactured to the highest level of quality.

    ESS spends countless hours dyno testing, road testing, and fine-tuning engine management (ECU) software in order to find the perfect engine balance and smoothest power delivery under all load conditions. ESS has three goals to meet before any ESS engine related performance product is released for sale:

    1. Their extended computerized load dyno test which simulates driving so hard that it is just not possible to drive this hard in real life.
    2. They put the development cars through a 50,000 mile (80,000 km) long-term test which involves track driving, extreme heat and cold testing, high-speed Autobahn driving for extended periods, and normal everyday driving.
    3. The car must have factory like or better driveability and smoothness and it must develop the extra power in a perfectly balanced manner.

    When ESS meets these 3 goals with 100% success then, and only then, the product is released for sale.

    What separates ESS from the competition:

    • Standard 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty on all street supercharging systems.
    • Excellent technical support from trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic personnel.
    • True OEM quality fit and finish, and designed to fit under the factory hood without any fabricating.
    • Designed for maximum performance at safe boost levels on stock unmodified engines.
    • Fully OBD-II diagnsotics compatible.
    • Fast service and support.
    • 100% complete systems, even down to the wire ties, making installation and ownership easy and trouble-free.

    Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ):
    A supercharger system represents a significant investment. Potential supercharger buyers need to gain as much knowledge about the various types and brands of superchargers as possible before making a buying decision. The purpose of this FAQ is to answer as many questions as possible about supercharging in general and the ESS kits in particular.

    • Q: What do the different ESS supercharger system designations mean?
    • A:
      • VT/VT1: Vortech based stage 1 system, non intercooled.
      • VT2: Vortech based stage 2 system, intercooled.
      • VT3: Vortech based stage 3 system, intercooled and upgraded engine internals.
      • CFR: ASA T1 based stage 2 system, intercooled
      • TS1: Lysholm TwinScrew stage 1 system, non intercooled.
      • TS2: Lysholm TwinScrew stage 2 system with patented Laminova liquid intercooling.
      • TS3: Lysholm TwinScrew stage 3 system with patented Laminova liquid intercooling and upgraded engine internals.

    • Q: What exactly does a supercharger do?
    • A: A supercharger forces additional air into the engine, then the updated engine control (ECU) software and larger fuel injectors match this additional air with the required extra fuel. This occurs when the engine is under full throttle or under load, not at normal cruise or most normal driving. A large displacement engine makes more power than a small displacement engine because it can convert larger amounts of air and fuel into energy. A supercharger allows a smaller engine to do the same thing but only when extra power is actually needed.

    • Q: What is boost?
    • A: Boost is the amount of pressure that the supercharger provides. The air that goes into an unblown (unsupercharged) engine is drawn in by the vacuum created when the piston goes down in the cylinder bore. This air goes into the unsupercharged engine at atmospheric pressure which at sea level is 14.7 psi (pounds per square inch). On a supercharged engine the boost is the amount of additional pressure the inlet charge has over atmospheric that goes into the engine. So if your blower makes six pounds of boost that means your inlet charge is atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi) plus the 6 psi of boost for a total of 20.7 psi.

    • Q: How much boost can you normally run?
    • A: 6-9 PSI is normally a safe level for most stock engines. Running more than this will usually require a reduction of the compression ratio. Every engine is different and some engines are more tolerant of boost than others.

    • Q: How difficult are ESS Supercharger systems to install?
    • A: All ESS Supercharger systems have been designed with ease of installation in mind. All systems come with a detailed, illustrated step-by-step installation guide, and the entire system has been designed as a 100% bolt-on system with no adjustments necessary. The installation can be performed using normal hand tools in 6-12 hours. If you do not have good mechanical skills, it is recommended that you let a competent auto mechanic perform the installation. Returning the car to stock status again is easy, with no evidence of the supercharger system ever being there.

    • Q: Doesn't running boost on an engine put more strain on the engine's parts?
    • A: Not necessarily. RPM is what kills engine parts. Typically, an unblown engine has to run up to 6-7,000 rpm to make any real power. But a blower substantially increases power and torque at much lower rpm's. Additionally an engine sees maximum load on the components at the moment the piston changes speed from going up in the cylinder to going down. There is a commonly held theory, too complicated to go into here, that increasing the combustion pressure, which a supercharger does, actually reduces this maximum load when piston travel changes from up to down. Under this theory, at comparable RPM's a blown engine is easier on parts than an unblown engine. In actuality, as long as detonation is controlled, you rarely have any engine failures with a blower.

    • Q: What kind of warranty does ESS provide?
    • A: ESS offers a two year, unlimited mileage warranty. For complete details please contact us.

    • Q: What kind of refund policy does ESS have?
    • A: SC Systems : We accept return of unused products within 30 days, 20% restocking fee applies. Performance Software : No refunds after 14 days.

    • Q: How can I buy an ESS Supercharger system?
    • A: To purchase a supercharger system please add this item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Feel free to contact BeastPower with any questions.

    The Supercharger is a more sophisticated alternative to the well-known turbocharger. The advantage in relation to the turbocharger is that you get no "delay (lag)" because the Supercharger shows its power at once. With the Supercharger you get far more controlled power development, with smooth power and flexibility as the key word. ESS Supercharger systems have been developed to meet the demands of today's motorists and the increasingly stringent requirements concerning environmental emissions. The objective established by ESS at the start of their product development was to create systems designed consistent with the most modern concepts of automotive supercharging. ESS felt it necessary to create a design that would have virtually zero affect on long-term durability, yet offer the high level of power and finesse demanded by the serious enthusiast.

    ESS systems brings together the engineering and hardware into one complete package. The net result is a very quick car with no sacrifice in daily utility. All the wonderful driving characteristics of the stock vehicle are retained with the addition of the ESS Supercharger. ESS feels it is a system above reproach for specification, quality of manufacture, and above all, function.

    The single most critical element regarding power and safety of any forced induction system is the maintenance of correct air/fuel ratios when operating under boost. Lean mixtures promote heat and heat leads to engine detonation. The method employed for keeping the air/fuel proportioning absolutely correct is to redesign the factory engine control (ECU) system software and using larger fuel injectors. This is the most advanced method and also the approach which is most difficult with respect to software programming and testing. But the end result is total fuel/ignition control at all RPM and load conditions, meaning greater power, minimal fuel consumption and maxiumum engine safety.

    The exitement of driving is clearly the purpose behind any supercharging exercise. If one truly finds the stock car exciting to drive, imagine what excitement awaits you when the performance ante is substantially raised. The substantial increase in engine power does not come about at the expense of the sweet driving nature of your high-end BMW. All aspects of smooth, easy driveability are controlled by such factors as fuel injection calibration, compression ratio, camshaft profiles, and ignition timing. These items are unaltered in the installation when not operating under boost, therefore the driveability is also unchanged from stock. No time delay exists between moving the throttle and boost pressure response. When driving along, the boost response is as fast as you move your foot.

    Clearly, one of ESS's objectives was to create a beautiful installation and to have it stay that way. ESS firmly believes that you will be as proud to show this assembly to your friends as ESS are to manufacture it for you.

    Engine safety and long-term durability are almost solely the result of thermal load and detonation control. It is here that the real benefits of the highly efficient ESS Supercharger systems step to the forefront. The only other factors are quality of maintenance and the percentage of time the engine spends running at its redline RPM. Oddly enough, power has little relevance to durability. A full explanation of that statement lies in the mathematical and dynamic analysis of the power loads versus the inertial loads.

    This permits the odd situation of actually doubling an engine's power output, but not doubling the loads it must endure. This interesting characteristic of the piston engine was the key to enormous power outputs of the turbocharged Grand Prix cars of the mid/late 1980's. They achieved power levels in excess of 1,300 BHP for qualifying, and raced at around 900 BHP, all from engines slightly smaller than 2 liters. Please accept as fact, without showing the actual calculations, a 500 BHP power-loading from a BMW M3 engine at its stock RPM ranges will not even tickle its structural tummy. As explained earlier, thermal loads are the killer. In that respect we urge you look closely at the safety features that are standard equipment with the ESS system.

    Service and Maintenance With the ESS Supercharger system, once installed and detailed nicely, the owner/driver can expect to close the bonnet and forget it. Warranty: All items of our system carry a two year / unlimited mileage warranty. The standard system warranty does not extend to any stock components. The vehicle manufacturer will not warrant engine or drive line items damaged by the supercharger installation. Fuel requirements: Octane rating is the key item, and it is very important to use nothing less than 91 US octane (95 Euro).

    ESS TS2 Twin Screw Supercharger - BMW Z4 3.0i M54 (e85/e86) - M54B30 - Stage 2

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