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Brembo GT Front BBK - BMW X6 (e71) - 6-piston calipers/405x34 2-piece rotors

Brembo GT Front BBK - BMW X6 (e71) - 6-piston calipers/405x34 2-piece rotors
Part#: 1N1.9506A1

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Brembo GT Front BBK - BMW X6 (e71) - 6-piston calipers/405x34 2-piece rotors

The photos of the Brembo BBK in this listing are almost 100% identical to the Brembo BBK that you will receive, but there may be slight differences, as your kit will be specific to your BMW model.

The Brembo GT (Gran Turismo) BBK (Big Brake Kit) is designed and built with some of the highest-level components available. It provides excellent stopping power in high-performance street and track driving. They are designed to bolt onto your BMW's original suspension, and are fully compatible with your BMW's ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and traction control system.

Brembo is the only company to win over 150 world championships and exceed the stringent performance and durability demands of the world's leading automotive manufacturers like BMW, Porsche and Ferrari. In fact, Brembo is the industry leader and offers a wide range of vehicle specific brake upgrades that are designed for Optimum Brake Balance. Brembo Gran Turismo Systems will dramatically improve the performance and styling of your BMW.

Brembo's largest multi-piston calipers and 2-piece floating rotors reward even the most demanding driver with Optimized Brake Balance and maximum performance. Brembo engineered these systems to be lighter than original equipment brakes to improve steering response and handling characteristics (due to the reduced unsprung weight). These traits, combined with increased stopping power and reduced brake fade, deliver truly unmatched performance.

Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines are included in the GT brake kit. Goodridge is the leading line supplier to OE manufacturers and championship winning race teams worldwide. With the tightest bend radius in the industry and the lowest rate of expansion, you can be assured that every inch of pressure from the pedal is transferred directly to where it counts - the caliper. Goodridge is the only brake hose system approved for use in every country in the world and is guaranteed for life.

All cross-drilled holes are bi-angle chamfered at the rotor's outer surfaces to help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high-stress, high-temperature brake applications. Gran Turismo brake rotors/discs are coated for corrosion resistance to help eliminate rust, and to offer a bold and aggressive appearance that enhances the look of your wheels.


  • Either cross-drilled or slotted lightweight motorsport rotors (select above when ordering).
  • Several caliper color choices that are available for your Brembo BBK (select above when ordering).
  • 2-piece "floating" hat and rotor assemblies.
  • Curved internal rotor vanes for greater airflow cooling.
  • Aluminum calipers have sequentially sized pistons.
  • Aluminum hats with McLaren F1 floating hardware.
  • Calipers have a quick-release pad system.
  • Calipers are a radial mount design.
  • High-performance Brembo brake pads (track pads are also available; contact us for details).
  • DOT and TUV approved Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines.
  • Mounting brackets with aircraft quality hardware.

Important Information:

    Your Brembo BBK order includes a complete brake system for the FRONT wheels of your BMW (you will receive a full kit for both your left and right wheels). Inside the box are all of the parts needed (calipers, rotors/discs, brackets, pads, brake-lines and installation hardware). When installing your BBK, depending on your BMW model, your installer may be required to modify or remove your stock dust shield/backing-plate (this is a small metal plate that sits behind your brakes). The modification/removal of the backing-plate is simple, and can easily be done by your installer if needed. Please also note that when ordering your Brembo BBK we will e-mail you a PDF file that contains a wheel clearance sketch that is specific to the Brembo BBK that you ordered. You will need to place the printed page next to your BMW's wheels in order to verify you have the wheel clearance for your Brembo BBK to fit inside the wheel without touching it. If after checking, you do not have the required clearance, then you will either need to order a different Brembo BBK, or you will need to change your wheels to a larger size or different model. Feel free to contact one of BeastPower's sales reps for assistance if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use a two-piece "floating" rotor/disc assembly?
There are several reasons that a two-piece floating rotor/disc assembly is of benefit. First, by using an aluminum bell for the hub section of the rotor/disc saves a great deal of weight. Since this is both rotating and unsprung, it benefits the acceleration, braking, and handling of your BMW. Secondly, it is better able to handle the large temperature changes that a brake rotor/disc experiences. During severe use, temperature variances become present in a one-piece rotor/disc and generally cause warping of the rotor/disc. This not only results in vibration of the vehicle, and pulsing of the brake pedal, but also pushes the pistons farther away from the rotor/disc. In a two-piece floating rotor/disc assembly, the iron rotor/disc heats up more uniformly, and the controlled float which is present, allows for the differential expansion of the very hot brake rotor/disc and the relatively cool aluminum bell. This allows the rotor/disc to be used under severe conditions without having a detrimental effect.

Is the biggest brake rotor/disc the best answer for my BMW?
Not necessarily. There are many factors to take into account when choosing a performance brake system. First and foremost, a brake system must be designed based on your BMW's parameters, and the type of use it will experience. Brake systems are designed to operate best within a prescribed temperature range. While modern high-performance friction materials broaden this temperature range from relatively cold pad temperatures to the high temperatures experienced in performance driving situations, the use of a rotor/disc that is too large will limit rotor/disc temperatures to the extreme lower end of this range. Not only will the rotor/disc temperature not reach the optimum range, but it will also be heavier than necessary. Below you will find an explanation of how reducing the weight of the braking system further enhances performance.

What are the advantages of drilled and slotted rotors/discs?
Drilling or slotting rotors/discs aids the rotor/disc in several ways: The edges of the slots or holes continuously clean and refresh the pad surface as well as providing increased brake "bite". Additionally, they prevent gasses from collecting between the pad and rotor/disc interface. The rotor/disc is lightened, thereby decreasing its rotational inertia. Improved ventilation increases the rotor's/disc's ability to shed heat, resulting in cooler operating temperatures.

Are rotors/discs with cast-in-place holes better than cross-drilled rotors/discs?
Brembo has extensively studied and tested cross-drilling versus casting the holes in place, and found no significant effect on performance or durability.

Why are there so many holes in a cross-drilled rotor/disc?
The number of holes in a cross-drilled rotor/disc is part of the engineered system. Brembo has done extensive testing with regards to the number of holes, their size, their location and their chamfering. This attention to detail is what truly sets Brembo apart in the world of braking. The number of holes in a rotor/disc is in part a function of the size of the rotor/disc and the internal venting (if it is a vented rotor/disc).

Should big brakes be installed on the front wheels or all four?
During braking, the front of your BMW does the majority of the work. Exactly how much, is influenced by your BMW's weight distribution, wheelbase, and center of gravity/height. Brembo engineers all of its brake systems to ensure that the brake balance of your BMW is not compromised. If not designed properly, adding a BBK (Big Brake Kit) to the rear of your BMW can result in an unstable condition, and actually degrades braking performance. Brembo offers rear BBKs (Big Brake Kits) for a select number of high-performance BMW applications.

How does reducing weight of the braking system benefit your BMW?
The mass of any BMW requires energy to accelerate or decelerate. Reducing your BMW's mass improves acceleration, and requires less energy to be dissipated during deceleration. Rotating mass requires additional energy in order to increase or decrease its speed of rotation. Therefore, decreasing the mass of the caliper is valuable due to its contribution to total vehicle mass, and decreasing the mass of the rotor/disc has an even greater benefit due to the fact that it must rotate as well. Additionally, the mass of the brake system is also unsprung mass. Reducing the unsprung mass has the additional benefit of improved suspension performance, resulting in enhanced ride and handling.

Photos of Brembo Rotor Hats:

Photos of Brembo Brackets:

Photos of Brembo McClaren F1 Floating Hardware:

About Brembo:
Established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy, Brembo S.p.A. is the world leader in engineering, development and the production of high-performance braking systems and components. Brembo manufactures over 30 million brake rotors a year for 31 different OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including Porsche, Ferrari, AMG Mercedes-Benz, BMW, McLaren and Lamborghini. At the same time, Brembo manufactures brake systems for top teams in Formula 1, NASCAR, World Rally Championship and American Le Mans. Over the years, Brembo has equipped race cars that have won more than 150 world championships and have had thousands of first place finishes. Brembo is the only brake manufacturer to exceed the demands of the world's top automotive manufacturers and the world's fastest race teams.

Brembo GT Front BBK - BMW X6 (e71) - 6-piston calipers/405x34 2-piece rotors

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